Internet Reacts to Influencer Fired Over OnlyFans Content

An influencer’s life can be a complex journey, with twists and turns that often lead to unforeseen consequences. Renae Erica, a tech industry worker and influencer, recently experienced such a turn when she was let go from her job due to her explicit content on OnlyFans. But the internet’s reaction to her plight has been anything but sympathetic.

Having linked her OnlyFans page to her Instagram, Renae’s boss discovered her risqué content, leading to her termination. In response, she took to the streets to both promote her Instagram and publicly scrutinize her former employer. However, the online community’s response to her situation has been far from compassionate.

Renae Erica, who had worked at a tech company for over two years, saw her situation differently. She questioned the legality of her termination after her boss discovered her Instagram, exclaiming, “Just got fired after my boss found my Instagram. Is this even legal?”

Taking to the city streets with a sign that read, “Just got fired. Creepy boss found my socials,” she included her Instagram handle and the phrase “link in bio” to direct attention to her OnlyFans page.

Critics online have not held back in their responses. Many have sided with her former boss, arguing that having explicit content readily accessible via her Instagram undermined her case. They questioned the logic behind labeling her boss as “creepy” when her Instagram explicitly pointed to her adult content. One online commentator remarked, “How can a boss be creepy when you’ve provided a direct link on your Instagram? This is one of the most misguided advertisements I’ve seen.”

Others emphasized the importance of maintaining a professional image, particularly when representing a professional company. They argued that her dismissal was justified due to her choice not to segregate her explicit content from her public online persona.

A more lighthearted observation was made about Renae’s choice to keep her Instagram account private despite the revealing nature of her photos and her OnlyFans content.

While Renae lost her regular job, her OnlyFans page remains, catering to an 18+ audience. However, it’s likely that her income now relies on tips from those who engage with her content.

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