Woman relapsed on sobriety when she was propositioned with $25,000 to drink a glass of wine

In an astonishing turn of events, a woman’s journey of sobriety was disrupted when she was offered a staggering $25,000 to consume a glass of wine, despite her firm stance on abstinence from alcohol.

Sarah Pribis, a recovering alcoholic, was presented with this remarkable proposition by a man she had occasionally socialized with. The substantial sum of money was initially intended to support Pribis’s business endeavors. However, there was a crucial caveat attached—she was required to share a glass of wine with her companion.

For Pribis, this was a moment of tremendous internal conflict. Her commitment to her sobriety clashed head-on with the lure of substantial financial gain. Despite her efforts to resist the offer, she found herself caught in a difficult predicament.

After sharing her emotional and distressing experience on TikTok, viewers reacted with astonishment that someone would deliberately tempt an individual battling alcoholism to consume alcohol against their explicit wishes.

This wasn’t the first time Pribis faced such a situation. A few years prior, she had generously agreed to participate in a charity auction that offered a lunch date with her as one of the prizes. However, this seemingly innocuous event took a dark turn when a “much older” man, who had bid $25,000 at the auction, proposed that he would contribute an additional $25,000 to her business ventures in exchange for her agreement to drink wine with him.

Despite knowing Pribis’s history of alcoholism, the man persisted in pushing her to consume wine. She reluctantly took a few sips, leading to a painful relapse that haunted her for an extended period.

In her TikTok video, Pribis recounted the numerous red flags that had appeared during her interactions with the man. He would consistently pour her a glass of wine “just in case” she changed her mind, and their meetings were confined to a private backroom away from prying eyes.

Despite these unsettling signs, Pribis continued to engage with the man, drawn by his apparent willingness to finance her business projects. However, the few sips of wine proved to be the catalyst for a devastating relapse. It wasn’t limited to alcohol; Pribis admitted to turning to prescription drugs, leading to nearly a year of severe relapse and one of the darkest periods in her life.

Pribis concluded her video with a crucial message: “Not all money is good money.” Her poignant revelation garnered empathy and support from viewers, many of whom were shocked by the man’s manipulation and grateful to Pribis for sharing her harrowing experience. It serves as a stark reminder of the fragile nature of recovery and the importance of respecting the boundaries of individuals fighting addiction.

Fortunately, Pribis managed to regain control over her life and her dedication to her professional aspirations. She is actively working on a television show, hoping to transform her creative vision into reality in the near future.

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