Woman claims men should spend $200 on first date

The rules of courtship have transformed, leaving many individuals uncertain about the expectations that come with that all-important first date. One such debate recently went viral when a woman expressed her belief that men should be ready to invest a minimum of $200 on a first date, solely for the pleasure of her “presence.”

The intricacies of modern dating etiquette have become increasingly complex, and questions about who should make the first move, who covers the bill, and where the evening should lead often lack definitive answers. It’s a world where open communication, self-awareness, and understanding one’s own desires are key, but these modern dynamics can occasionally result in clashing expectations.

The debate in question unfolded during a candid interview conducted by TikTok account ‘thedesirabletruth,’ renowned for seeking candid responses from people encountered during their nighttime escapades.

During this particular night out, the TikToker stopped to question a woman about her views on the appropriate spending for a first date. Her response was anything but ordinary and quickly set off a viral online discussion.

Describing herself as “The voice of the people,” thedesirabletruth initiated the conversation with the query, “What’s the most a man should spend on a first date?” The response was nothing short of startling.

The woman’s firm belief was that an investment of no less than $200 was necessary if she were to dedicate her time to the date, a response that garnered a surprised look from her companion. When questioned about what the man would receive in return for such a significant sum, she was unyielding in her assertion, simply responding, “My presence.” She further justified her stance by referencing the cost of her makeup and skincare products.

While the woman’s perspective on the financial aspects of dating drew considerable attention, it also sparked a flurry of opinions from viewers. Some criticized her for an approach they deemed self-centered, emphasizing that a date should be about both individuals. They highlighted that men, too, invest in preparing for a date, including the costs of transportation and grooming.

Others, however, supported her view, suggesting that a man’s willingness to invest in a date signified his potential for future commitment and responsibility in a relationship. The debate rages on, leaving modern daters with a variety of perspectives to consider.

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