5$ tip backfires when delivery man gets outraged

A DoorDash delivery driver has ignited a wave of online outrage after insulting a customer who tipped him $5 on a $20 pizza order. The incident sheds light on the ongoing debate surrounding tipping culture in the food delivery industry, as well as the challenges faced by drivers who rely on tips for their livelihood.

Food delivery apps such as DoorDash and GrubHub have become a part of the daily life thanks to the pandemic. These platforms offer convenience and ease, allowing people to satisfy their hunger without leaving their homes or cooking. They accomplish this by cutting into the restaurant’s margins and ultimately causing the food quality to go down in return for convenience.

However, the issue of tipping has emerged as a significant concern within the food delivery ecosystem.

The recent incident involving a DoorDash driver and a customer has reignited discussions on tipping etiquette. In a video captured by the customer’s Vivint smart doorbell camera on June 2, the driver can be seen handing over the pizza and making a derogatory comment: “I just wanna say, this is a nice house for a $5 tip.”

The customer appeared surprised and responded with a polite “You’re welcome!” Nevertheless, the driver concluded the interaction with an expletive-laden retort, saying, “F*ck you,” before departing.

The footage quickly spread across social media platforms, garnering widespread attention and prompting outrage among viewers. TikToker NoahGlenCarter, who shared the video, revealed that the customer’s order amounted to $20, making the $5 tip equivalent to 25% of the total bill. Despite this, many commenters criticized the driver’s behavior and deemed it disrespectful.

Several individuals expressed their discontent with the driver’s entitled attitude and called for consequences, including termination from the company. “What did he expect for a freaking pizza delivery, a $50 tip?! He didn’t even deserve that $5. He should be fired,” one viewer wrote on YouTube.

On the other hand, there were those who defended the driver’s frustrations, arguing that $5 was insufficient considering the costs and efforts associated with the delivery service. Some viewers acknowledged that delivery drivers face unique challenges, such as using their own vehicles and covering expenses like fuel.

There’s also the question of the model. While US has a bottoming minimum wage that makes the employees rely on tips to survive, Europe doesn’t have a culture of tipping at all. It’s presumed that your employer pays you, and anything you leave over that is more of a bonus than a requirement.

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