Is Joe Rogan actually funny? That time a friend called out Rogan for overusing a prop

Joe Rogan, a renowned comedian and host of a highly successful podcast with over 2000 episodes, has faced criticism for his comedic style and his use of props during stand-up performances. While Rogan’s podcast may not be known for its humor, he has built a reputation for engaging conversations with intriguing guests while keeping his personal life private, a quality that sets him apart in the Los Angeles comedy scene where oversharing can have negative consequences.


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One aspect that has drawn criticism is Rogan’s literalist approach, which often prevents him from engaging in improvisational banter and causes jokes to go over his head. This inability to riff with other comedians on his podcast has been a point of contention raised by his critics.

The topic of Rogan’s comedy itself is divisive, with many fans claiming that his stand-up specials are simply not funny. While this may be an overgeneralization, it is true that he has developed certain habits that detract from the quality of his performances, with his reliance on a stool as a prop being the most prominent one.

Throughout the years, Rogan has incorporated the stool into his comedic routines, but the majority of these attempts have been lukewarm at best and outright unfunny at worst.

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Using props in stand-up comedy is generally frowned upon, as it can be seen as a crutch that distracts from the essence of the art form. Stand-up comedy revolves around a comedian’s ability to deliver humorous and captivating material through their words, timing, and stage presence.

When a comedian heavily relies on props, the focus shifts away from their comedic skills and onto the visual elements or gimmicks associated with the props. This can create the perception that the comedian is relying more on the prop itself rather than their own wit and talent.

Furthermore, props can sometimes be perceived as a distraction or a cheap tactic to elicit laughter. Stand-up comedy is rooted in the connection and interaction between the comedian and the audience. The use of props can create a barrier between the comedian and the audience, making it harder to establish that connection and build rapport.


Despite the criticism, Rogan has persisted in using the stool as part of his act. While fans have expressed their annoyance with this habit, it is rare for a fellow comedian to call him out on it directly. However, in a recently resurfaced clip from Rogan’s podcast featuring comedian Jeff Garlin, Garlin openly criticized comedians who rely on a stool as a prop.

Garlin stated, “And talks and then they’re doing some sort of movement. It’s not good. Jim Carrey. There was a purpose,” highlighting the distinction between purposeful prop usage and unnecessary physicalization.

He further emphasized, “I’m talking about people that just oversell s**t by physicalizing what should be just funny the way you say it, not even what you’re saying. The way you say it.”

Garlin even reminisced about Rogan’s past comedic prowess, mentioning how he found humor in Rogan’s performances without the need for exaggerated gestures or prop usage.

It’s evident that Rogan’s reliance on props, as demonstrated by various instances throughout his career, has been a subject of criticism. While comedy is subjective and personal preferences vary, the debate surrounding the use of props in stand-up comedy raises valid concerns about the impact on comedic authenticity and connection with the audience.

As Rogan continues his comedic journey, it remains to be seen whether he will evolve his style and address the criticisms, or if he will maintain his distinctive approach that has garnered both praise and disapproval from fans and fellow comedians alike.

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