Comedian Tom Segura gets backlash after refering to his audience as ‘poors’

Comedian Tom Segura, known for his association with the Joe Rogan circle of friends, recently stirred controversy with remarks referring to his audience as ‘poors.’ Segura gained widespread recognition after participating in the viral Sober October challenges alongside Joe Rogan, Bert Kreisher, and Ari Shaffir. However, what many may not realize is that Segura’s relationship … Read more

That time Brendan Schaub tried to justify manslaughter because he had an appointment with the killer

Public figures often face heightened scrutiny due to the wide reach of their influence. Every aspect of their lives can come under intense scrutiny, leading to public reactions that can either make or break their careers. In the realm of podcasting, where conversational content has gained popularity, former UFC star turned comedian Brendan ‘Big Brown’ … Read more

This man set a World record for most pine boards broken with your groin in baffling video

The Guinness World Records is known for recognizing extraordinary achievements across various fields, from sports to entertainment. While some record categories are truly awe-inspiring, others leave people baffled. One such category is the “Most pine boards broken between the legs from a single jump,” and it has a singular record holder: Zac Gordon, also known … Read more

Joe Rogan preached about pitfalls of 9 to 5 for a decade and now he’s pissed people don’t want to quit remote work

Joe Rogan is known for his thought-provoking discussions and controversial viewpoints. He has expressed varying opinions about 9-to-5 jobs and remote work, causing some speculation about his political stance. In the past, Rogan criticized the traditional nine-to-five routine, highlighting its limitations and impact on people’s lives. He emphasized the importance of identifying personal priorities and … Read more

A video puts fake environmentalists on blast – but was the meta commentary staged as well?

A TikTok video recently went viral. While it aimed to convey concern for the environment, a troubling trend of performative activism and staged content has come to light. The video, which quickly gained attention, raises questions about the authenticity of online environmental gestures and the pursuit of social media clout. The video begins with a … Read more

Liver King’s wife gets caught faking eating raw meat in their videos

Liver King, the self-proclaimed natural and PED-free fitness sensation, gained international fame during the pandemic. His unusual antics and claims attracted attention, including a competition against UFC middleweight Paulo Costa where raw liver consumption took center stage in October 2022. Liver King, also known as Brian Johnson, attributed his seemingly unreal physique to a combination … Read more

A reckless tourist put her hand into a Yellowstone hotspring

A recent incident at Yellowstone National Park has highlighted the disregard some individuals have for rules and safety precautions. In a clear act of negligence, a tourist decided to dip her hand into an active hot spring, violating park regulations and putting herself at significant risk. As children, we often encounter boundaries and have the … Read more