Joe Rogan had a wild reaction to an Ice bath gone wrong story

Joe Rogan is known for his unflinching demeanor at MMA events. However, even Rogan was left speechless when UFC veteran Mike Perry shared a chilling story during his recent appearance on Rogan’s podcast.

The story involved one of Rogan’s favorite activities – ice baths.

Ice baths have been touted for their numerous health benefits, and Rogan has been a vocal advocate for a company called Morozko Ice Forge. This company offers high-end ice bath products, with prices ranging from $12,860 for the default version to nearly $20,000 for the premium option.

However, there are far more affordable alternatives available on platforms like Amazon, where ice bath options can be found for as low as $100.

During the podcast, Perry recounted a startling incident he had witnessed involving a Russian couple and an ice bath in the winter. He described how the couple had dug a hole in the ice and the wife, unaware of the strong current beneath, jumped into the frigid water. Tragically, the current swiftly dragged her under the ice, in front of her devastated family.

Rogan was visibly taken aback by the horrifying tale and the subsequent video evidence that Perry shared. Perry, in an attempt to console Rogan, offered a philosophical perspective, stating, “People live on in life through their experiences. And, you know, it’s like we’re all connected.”

The question arises: Did this incident actually occur? The answer is yes. The incident involved a mother-of-two named Anna Uskova, a Russian lawyer who decided to mark Orthodox Epiphany by taking an icy plunge into the Oredezh River near Vyra, a village south of St Petersburg.


The incident was captured on a distressing video. As Uskova entered the river, she disappeared from sight, leaving her distraught children, a 14-year-old girl and a 10-year-old boy, screaming in horror. Her husband, Yury, bravely jumped into the hole in a desperate attempt to find her, but he was unable to locate her.

This incident highlighted the dangers of engaging in ice baths without proper precautions. Local experts in the Leningrad region criticized the use of unapproved ice holes without the presence of rescuers on standby. Sadly, this was not an isolated incident. Just a month later, a man in Ukraine suffered a similar fate, further underscoring the need for caution when partaking in extreme cold-water activities.

The story shared by Mike Perry on Joe Rogan’s podcast serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers of engaging with nature without taking proper safety measures. While ice baths can offer various health benefits, it is crucial to approach them with caution and adhere to established guidelines to prevent tragic accidents.

Joe Rogan’s podcast often features captivating stories, but none have left him as affected as Mike Perry’s account of the ice bath tragedy. This incident, which actually occurred and involved a Russian couple and a powerful river current, serves as a reminder of the risks involved in extreme activities.

Joe’s reaction to Mike’s story
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