Liver King’s wife gets caught faking eating raw meat in their videos

Liver King, the self-proclaimed natural and PED-free fitness sensation, gained international fame during the pandemic. His unusual antics and claims attracted attention, including a competition against UFC middleweight Paulo Costa where raw liver consumption took center stage in October 2022.

Liver King, also known as Brian Johnson, attributed his seemingly unreal physique to a combination of 9 ancestral principles and a raw meat diet. Despite scientific evidence suggesting potential health risks, Liver King passionately advocated this diet to his millions of followers.

During his rise to fame, Liver King introduced his family members, including the so-called Liver Queen and princes. However, the Liver Queen seemed to bear the brunt of Johnson’s extreme lifestyle choices, as he proudly boasted about not showering for years and eschewing grooming products. He even made appearances at UFC events, further adding to his controversial image.

Retired UFC lightweight contender Al Iaquinta had some noteworthy remarks about Brian Johnson, sharing an unpleasant encounter during UFC 280. Iaquinta, seated directly behind Johnson, described him as having a “dog sh*t” odor, casting doubt on the authenticity of Liver King’s persona.

Intriguingly, rumors circulated that the Liver Queen also followed a raw meat diet and even slept on wooden planks. As Liver King’s family faded into the background, questions continued to arise about his extraordinary appearance, further fueling skepticism.

The unraveling of Liver King’s empire accelerated when a trainer he sought advice from regarding his performance-enhancing drug (PED) stack exposed his secret. This revelation prompted a detailed analysis by Derek of More Plates More Dates, who estimated that Liver King was spending a staggering $11,000 per month on PEDs, contradicting his claims of achieving his physique solely through a red meat diet.

Liver King eventually admitted to his PED use, but he astonishingly maintained his exaggerated physique while vehemently denying any ongoing deception. However, a recently surfaced clip sheds light on the deceptive practices within the Liver King family. The video captures Liver Queen feigning a nibble at a bone broth and expressing visible disgust as she reluctantly chews for the camera.

The controversy surrounding Liver King and his family has brought into question the authenticity of their claims and the potential dangers of blindly following extreme dietary practices. As the truth emerges, it serves as a reminder to critically evaluate the credibility of fitness influencers and their advice, emphasizing the importance of evidence-based approaches to health and wellness.


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