Mark Zuckerberg explains how his fitness obsession influenced Meta’s VR play

In a surprising turn of events, social media mogul Mark Zuckerberg has captivated the world by revealing his newfound passion for fitness. The billionaire has wholeheartedly embraced the role of a fitness enthusiast, demonstrating his commitment by completing the demanding Murph challenge in an astonishing time of 39 minutes and 58 seconds. Eager to share his accomplishment, Zuckerberg took to Instagram to proudly document his achievement.

The Murph workout is renowned for its intense nature, and Zuckerberg’s feat is nothing short of impressive. The workout consists of a challenging series of exercises, including a 1-mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, and another 1-mile run. To amplify the difficulty level, participants are required to wear a 20-pound weighted vest throughout the entire routine. Comparisons have been drawn between Zuckerberg’s performance and that of professional Crossfit athletes, underscoring his dedication and physical prowess.

However, as with any remarkable accomplishment, skepticism and doubts emerged on Twitter. Some individuals questioned the integrity of Zuckerberg’s repetitions, raising concerns about potential breaks between sets. Furthermore, there was speculation surrounding whether Zuckerberg performed chin-ups or pull-ups during the workout, prompting further scrutiny of his achievement.

Zuckerberg clarified his comments during a recent appearance on the Lex Fridman podcast:

“It wasn’t my best time but – anything under 40 minutes I’m happy with, yeah. I think I think I’ve done it a little faster before but not much I mean it’s… ”

“I did not win on Memorial Day one of my friends did it actually the several minutes faster than me but just to clear up one thing that I think was I saw a bunch of questions about this on the internet. ”

“There are multiple ways to do to do the Murph Challenge. There’s a kind of partitioned mode where you do sets of pull-ups pushups and squats together. And then there’s unpartitioned where you do the hundred pull-ups and then the 200 pushups and then the 300 squats in serial. And obviously if you’re you know if you’re doing them unpartitioned then you know it takes longer to get through the hundred pull-ups because you you know anytime you’re resting in between the pull-ups you’re not also doing push-ups and squats so yeah so my I’m sure my own partition time would be would be quite a bit slower but…”

” First of all I think it’s a good way to honor Memorial Day.

“It’s this lieutenant Murphy basically this is one of this was one of his favorite exercises and I just try to do it on Memorial Day each year and it’s a good workout”

“I got my older daughters to do it with me this time they um my oldest daughter wants a weight vest because she sees me doing it with a weight vest I don’t know if a seven-year-old should be using a weight vest. I’m glad that I’m teaching them kind of the value of and a physicality…”

When asked what the perfect exercise regimen is, Zuckerberg responded:

“Right now, I’m focused, most of my workouts on, on fighting so jujitsu and MMA. But I don’t know I mean maybe if you’re professional you can do that every day I can’t I just get you know it’s too many too many bruises and things that you need to recover from. I do that you know three to four times a week and then  the other days I just try to do a mix of things like just cardio, conditioning, strength, building mobility”

And Zuckerberg’s new devotion to fitness might have everything to do with the difference in approach between Apple’s new headset and Meta’s VR play:

“I don’t think that a being is just a mind. And I think we’re we’re kind of meant to do things, like physically. And and a lot of the sensations that we feel are connected to that. And I think that that’s a lot of what makes you a human, is basically you know having that set of sensations and experiences around that coupled with a mind to reason about them.”

“I think it’s important for balance to kind of get out, challenge yourself in different ways learn different skills, clear your mind.”

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