Five questionable things Joe Rogan has promoted in the last five years

Joe Rogan has faced criticism for his undisclosed promotions due to concerns over transparency and potential conflicts of interest. As a popular podcast host, UFC commentator, and influential figure in the mixed martial arts community, Rogan has the power to shape public opinion and drive consumer behavior.

One of the main reasons for the criticism is Rogan’s failure to disclose his financial interests or affiliations when promoting certain products, services, or individuals on his platform. This lack of transparency raises questions about the ethical nature of his endorsements and whether they are driven by personal gain rather than a genuine belief in the promoted entities.

Ice Baths

While there is scientific evidence pointing to the benefits of ice baths, there are certainly way more affordable options than those that Rogan promotes. Rogan has been promoting a company named Morozko Ice Forge. The firm sells exorbitantly expensive takes on an ice bath, with the default version costing $12,860 and the premium version going for close to $20,000.

Meanwhile, Amazon offers ice bath options for as low as $100.

Cash App

During his time as Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience after the platform banned a number of right-leaning pundits. Many felt that Rogan was soft-balling Dorsey and was generally unwilling to put him on the spot.

Rogan was well aware of the criticism and followed up with another episode featuring Dorsey, this time alongside his chief of content, who was on the spot for the majority of the podcast in a controversial episode.

The episodes were criticized because Rogan also had a sponsorship by Cash App, which is owned by Dorsey’s company, Square. Critics argued that Rogan’s financial ties to Dorsey’s company created a conflict of interest, potentially influencing the interview and compromising journalistic integrity.

It’s worth noting that Cash App recently had a big setback as a result of the Hindenburg report release.

Hindenburg Research accused Block (Square has since renamed itself) of facilitating crime and fraud on its Cash App, alleging inflated customer growth and the presence of fake accounts. Block denies the claims, cooperates with the SEC, and experiences a stock price decline. The report release caused a drastic share price tumble.

The Infamous Case of the Joe Rogan Death Stare

The Zero Runner is a premium fitness machine that alleges to replicate the motion and benefits of running, all while eliminating the impact and stress on joints typically associated with traditional running on a treadmill or outdoors. This fitness tool provides a low-impact alternative for individuals seeking an effective cardiovascular workout while significantly reducing the risk of injury.


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Zero Runner has a premium price attached to it, with the current model going for close to $4,000. It also has some seriously mixed reviews on Amazon (where it’s no longer available).

Now, let’s address that infamous conflict video involving Joe Rogan and his longtime producer, Jamie Vernon. In the clip, Rogan suggests checking out the Zero Runner to a guest, but Vernon expresses his dislike for the machine. This leads to an intense moment where Rogan shoots Vernon a stern look, creating quite the buzz among viewers.

Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee, a beverage made by combining coffee with grass-fed butter and medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, has gained popularity in recent years as a potential energy booster and cognitive enhancer. However, despite its popularity, bulletproof coffee has also faced criticism and skepticism from various individuals and health experts.
One of the main reasons bulletproof coffee is criticized is due to its high calorie and fat content. The addition of butter and MCT oil significantly increases the calorie and fat intake of the beverage. While proponents of bulletproof coffee argue that these fats can provide sustained energy and promote satiety, critics argue that consuming such a high-calorie drink regularly may contribute to weight gain and potential negative impacts on cardiovascular health.

Another point of criticism is the claim that bulletproof coffee can enhance cognitive function and mental clarity. While some individuals may experience a temporary boost in energy and focus due to the caffeine content, the scientific evidence supporting the specific cognitive benefits of bulletproof coffee is limited. Critics argue that the claimed benefits are often based on anecdotal evidence rather than robust scientific research.

Additionally, bulletproof coffee is often promoted as a replacement for breakfast or a meal substitute due to its high fat content. This approach has been met with criticism from nutrition experts who emphasize the importance of consuming a balanced meal that includes a variety of nutrients from different food groups. Relying solely on bulletproof coffee as a meal replacement may result in inadequate nutrient intake and an imbalanced diet.

Furthermore, some critics argue that the claims surrounding bulletproof coffee are largely driven by marketing and the interests of the company behind the product. For a while, the brand sponsored Rogan, but then he made the switch to Caveman Coffee, which is liable to similar criticism.


For lack of a better term, Joe Rogan is a fitness lifestyle influencer. For years, he was very critical of fast food. Over the years, he said the following about McDonald’s specifically:
“Look at this, a proven carcinogen. It says Silicon Dioxide is a proven carcinogen. Why does McDonald’s opt to use this in buns, potentially hurting human health?” – Rogan said, reading from a source about Silicon Dioxide.

He added, “Here’s the thing, they can’t really say all this if it’s not true. If it is, they get into deep s**t.”

“So it might be real that silicon dioxide is a trace mineral, it’s an important part of–, but also, you’re putting dirt in your burgers, bro.”

That didn’t stop Rogan from promoting McDonald’s when he switched to Spotify. The infamous early Spotify era Rogan studio saw a McFish infomercial complete with a bag with the McDonald’s logo pointed towards the camera.


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