Tiktoker accidentally ruins husband’s limited-edition PS4 with makeover attempt

Isabella Veronica Hardy is a rising TikTok sensation. She recently found herself in the midst of an unexpected gaming-related controversy. In an attempt to do something nice for her husband, she decided to give his “ugly” PlayStation 4 (PS4) a makeover to match her room’s aesthetic. Little did she know that this seemingly innocent gesture would lead to a significant mishap, as the console turned out to be a limited-edition collectible.

The TikToker had been bothered by the appearance of the blue PS4, considering it an eyesore in her room’s carefully curated design. With the best of intentions, she set out to wrap the console in white to seamlessly blend it with the room’s decor. Unbeknownst to her, the PS4 was a rare Uncharted 4 edition, making it a prized item among gamers and collectors.

After diligently cleaning the console and investing substantial effort in wrapping it in white, Hardy excitedly shared her makeover journey on TikTok, expecting a positive response. However, the comments section of her video quickly filled with dismayed gamers who were quick to point out her mistake.

“You wrapped a limited edition PS4,” one commenter noted with a string of crying emojis, highlighting the significance of her unintentional blunder.

Some users empathetically informed her about the existence of easily removable and customizable wraps designed for gaming consoles. These wraps allow for personalization without causing any permanent alterations.

Curiosity surrounded her husband’s reaction to the new design. Many users eagerly awaited to hear how he responded to the unexpected transformation. Hardy, however, chose not to address questions about the console’s condition.

@isabellaveronicahardy What will my husbands reaction be #wrappingps4 #nesting ♬ original sound – isabellaveronica

In a follow-up video, Hardy humorously installed a car seat for their forthcoming baby, jokingly insinuating that her husband had left her in the aftermath of the PS4 incident. It’s worth noting that the couple appeared together in videos posted on her channel after this episode.

While used Uncharted 4 PS4 consoles still hold value and can fetch a decent price on platforms like eBay, some TikTok viewers suggested that Hardy consider upgrading to the newer PlayStation 5 (PS5). By doing so, both she and her husband could enjoy the benefits of an upgraded gaming experience, all while avoiding any unintended redecorating mishaps.

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