US emergency alert caused a number of Amish individuals to get “shunned”

An ex-Amish individual on TikTok recently shared an intriguing and somewhat humorous story about a few current Amish members who faced consequences after the US Emergency Alert unexpectedly went off on phones they had discreetly smuggled into their community.

Across the various Amish communities in the United States, it’s well-known that members typically abstain from using modern technology like cars, computers, and cell phones. However, what happens when someone manages to sneak in a cell phone, and the US government decides to send a nationwide emergency alert test without prior warning?

Eli Yoder, a TikToker and former Amish church member, shed light on this unusual situation on October 4, 2023. He revealed that the nationwide emergency alert test on that very day resulted in several community members facing a form of social exile known as “shunning.”

According to Eli, “Several Amish men got shunned by the Amish Church for having smartphones in their pocket when the emergency alert system went off.”

Eli went on to provide further details about the incident. On the day of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) test in the US, three of the Amish men contacted him, expressing their predicament and the need to lay low for a while due to their unauthorized possession of cell phones.


Several Amish men get shunned by the Amish church when the emergency alert system went off. Lol.

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“One guy said the elders were coming in his driveway, and they were there to speak with him about something they had heard regarding him, and that he might have to get shunned. Right as that was going on, the alert went off, and it was in his pocket,” Yoder explained.

He added, “Now he’s getting shunned for both reasons: whatever they were going to shun him for, and also the possession of the cell phone.”

It’s important to note that the concept of shunning can vary among different Amish sects. According to Amishbaskets, shunning typically involves the painful separation of an individual from their community.

This unusual incident serves as a testament to the strict adherence to tradition and avoidance of modern technology within Amish communities, highlighting the serious consequences that can arise when these norms are violated.

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