Unveiling the Controversy: The sketchy Relationship Between Huberman’s Podcast and Belcampo Meat Company

The reliability of information presented in podcasts has become a topic of concern, prompting us to delve into the credibility of the Huberman Lab podcast.

Neuroscientist Andrew Huberman’s podcast has garnered significant popularity, but it has also faced occasional criticism for potentially exaggerating the significance of studies and manipulating data to maintain relevance.

Critics argue that Huberman’s recommendations sometimes rely on single studies or lack human trials, raising doubts about their scientific validity. Additionally, he has been known to extrapolate findings across diverse populations without acknowledging the limitations of the original research.

While Huberman’s podcast often includes discussions on well-established scientific concepts, it occasionally ventures into the realm of hype and bro-science, particularly when it comes to supplement recommendations.

However, what many listeners may not be aware of is the sponsorship relationship between Huberman’s podcast and Belcampo Meat Company—a venture started by his longtime girlfriend, Anya Fernald, in 2012.

“Today’s episode is also brought to us by Bel Campo. Bel Campo is a regenerative farm in Northern California that raises organic grass fed and finished certified humane meats. I don’t eat a lot of meat. Typically my diet regime is one in which I fast until about noon and then I have a lunch which is fairly low carb.”

“So I’ll have some piece of meat or chicken or fish and some salad typically. And then in the evening is when I tend to emphasize carbohydrates. That helps me be really alert during the day and sleep well at night when I do eat meat. I insist that the meat be of the very highest quality and that it is sourced in humane ways.”

“Bel Campos Animals graze on open pastures and seasonal grasses, and that results in meat that is, hiring nutrients and healthy fats. There are now a lot of data pointing to the fact that high levels of omega three fatty acids are vital for mood, for cardiovascular health, and various aspects of maintaining what’s called a healthy inflammatory. The various things in our brain and body that maintain a healthy inflammation response, but one that doesn’t go out of whack or get unchecked in any way that is detrimental to us.” – Huberman can be heard sayin during one of his two minute ad reads.



During episodes, Huberman has openly endorsed Belcampo by featuring two-minute ad reads where he discusses his personal dietary regime and emphasizes the importance of high-quality, ethically sourced meat. The sponsorship arrangement was in effect from August 2021 to October 2021, as confirmed by the podcast episodes.

Belcampo shut down in October of 2021 after a series of leaks that brought the company’s ethics into question.

Belcampo had major issues at least as far back as 2020.



Belcampo Meat Company has experienced both success and controversy. It quickly expanded with butcher shops and restaurants in various locations, including Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Marin, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco.

Despite a increase in prices, Belcampo’s beef remained in high demand, often resulting in supply shortages. The company aimed to differentiate itself by providing animals raised in optimal conditions, utilizing low-stress stockmanship techniques, and maintaining a humane slaughter process.


Furthermore, a USDA investigation unveiled unsanitary conditions at their meat-processing plant, including the presence of scattered meat and fat, ants on the flesh, mold, and foul smells.

The USDA investigation remains ongoing, and full documents are not yet available to the public due to potential interference with law enforcement proceedings. Former executives of Belcampo may face legal consequences and potential retaliation lawsuits. The tarnished reputation of a brand marketed as organic and sustainable suggests a company that prioritized growth over ethical practices. As a result, Belcampo is no longer in business, and both the ranch and meat-packing plant have closed down.

It is worth noting that the revelations regarding Belcampo occurred just as the podcast was starting to get sponsored by the company. Huberman’s podcast featured ads for the company between August and October of 2021.

Fernald posted a public apology in May of the same year.



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Although the timing may raise questions about Huberman’s association with Belcampo, it is important to recognize the responsibility that comes with endorsing a brand.

Critics argue that Huberman’s refusal to entertain any mention of Belcampo and subsequent blocking of individuals on social media raises concerns about transparency and accountability.

As the controversy unfolds, it serves as a reminder of the need for podcast hosts and influencers to exercise caution when aligning themselves with brands and sponsors. Transparency, integrity, and a commitment to providing reliable and unbiased information remain paramount in maintaining the trust of audiences. And it’s especially important if we’re talking about science, and reliable information.

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