Brendan Schaub deletes podcast after botched ad read, suspect guest behavior

Brendan Schaub, a former professional mixed martial artist turned podcast host, has experienced both praise and criticism throughout his career. While his transition from MMA to comedy and podcasting raised questions about his comedic abilities and podcasting skills, it also resulted in a division among his fan base. In this article, we explore the controversies surrounding Schaub, including allegations of self-promotion, excessive bragging, and recent mishaps during his podcasts.

Following his retirement from MMA, Schaub ventured into the world of comedy and podcasting. However, some critics argue that his transition lacked smoothness, casting doubt on his comedic talents and ability to host engaging podcasts. This shift in focus caused a division among his fans, with some preferring him solely as an MMA fighter.

One of the primary criticisms directed at Schaub is his alleged self-promotion and excessive bragging. Some perceive his behavior as arrogant and narcissistic, which can alienate fans who prefer a more humble approach from public figures. This aspect of his persona has led to mixed reactions and added fuel to the criticism he receives.

Despite the controversies, Schaub has experienced success in the podcasting realm, with his various shows generating a substantial amount of revenue. However, due to a series of missteps, he has also faced challenges that resulted in the alienation of his fan base and a decline in viewership. For instance, his once-popular podcast “The Fighter and The Kid” has witnessed a significant drop in viewership, struggling to reach even 100,000 views per episode.

Within Schaub’s struggling podcast network, Thiccc Boy Studios, there is a rare hit known as “Calabasas Fight Companion” (CFC). This show, inspired by Joe Rogan’s “Fight Companion,” has garnered a degree of popularity and credibility, particularly in the realm of MMA where Schaub possesses significant experience.

However, a recent episode of CFC turned into a train wreck, causing further controversy. Schaub invited comedian Pauly Shore and MMA journalist The Schmo as guests on the podcast. Unfortunately, Shore displayed little interest in MMA, while The Schmo seemed off-kilter during the recording.

Adding to the debacle, both guests abruptly paused the podcast to use the bathroom together, leading to speculation among Schaub’s fan base.

This incident raised eyebrows and fueled rumors regarding the purpose of their sudden departure. After all, it is uncommon for friends to accompany each other to the powder room.

Moreover, during the podcast, Shore made coke-related jokes during an advertisement read, potentially causing sponsors to withdraw support for the episode. The controversial ad read clip was fortunately preserved, capturing the attention of listeners and further contributing to the controversy surrounding Schaub.


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