Woman plots revenge on man who spat on her friend for 15 YEARS

A woman on TikTok recently shared her jaw-dropping and “genuinely unhinged” story about seeking revenge on a man for 15 years after he spat on her friend. Her tale captivated viewers, sparking a debate on the ethics of her actions.

Linda began her story by recalling an incident from 15 years ago when she was in college. She went to a comedy show with some friends, where an accidental drink spill by her friend led to a heated confrontation. The man whose drink had been knocked over stood up, verbally insulted her friend, and spat on her. When Linda defended her friend, she, too, faced insults. This was the moment when her revenge quest began.

To take revenge, Linda decided to learn more about the man. She found him on Facebook and discovered his favorite TV shows. Armed with this knowledge, she created fake social media accounts and used them to spoil the upcoming episodes of his favorite TV shows. This led to the man posting angry and confused Facebook statuses and tweets.


This cycle of revenge continued intermittently for years until Linda decided to let go of her grudge. However, fate had other plans. Years later, while browsing Reddit, Linda stumbled upon the man’s Reddit account and saw some disturbing content. She anonymously informed his fiancée about the things he had posted online. This revelation led to the wedding being called off.

Linda’s revenge plot, initially sparked by a single act of spitting, had unexpectedly spanned 15 years. Viewers of her story expressed mixed opinions about the ethics of her actions, with some finding it excessive and vindictive.

While there’s a possibility there might be true to this elaborate story we can’t discount the possibility that this is a classic case of internet copy pasta.

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