Eddie Bravo and Friends Get Candid About Aging and Hair Loss

In a recent episode of Joe Rogan’s Fight Companion podcast, Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Eddie Bravo, joined by friends Brian Callen and Brendan Schaub, opened up about the dynamics of their friendship and the challenges of aging. This candid conversation touched on various topics, including hair loss, aging in the UFC community, and the unique camaraderie among the participants.

Eddie Bravo spoke openly about the transition into his 40s. He humorously remarked, “When I turned 40 and all those motherf**kers out there like 29, 30, and I turned 40, I couldn’t wait till they turn 40, and now they’re turning 40. You know that the young UFC guys are all 40, I’m like… you want motherf***ers to get old with you like I’m not doing. Come on, come up to 45 to get up there b*tch get the 50. Oh, you’re 50 now. Congratulations. Welcome to the club.” Bravo’s statement reflects his honest frustration with the aging process and the passage of time.

The clip delves into aspects of aging, such as hair loss, aging and the genetic advantages of certain ethnic groups in maintaining hair and physical fitness. Throughout the conversation, a sense of camaraderie prevails as the participants share their experiences and insights into the challenges of growing older.

Notably, Eddie Bravo’s reaction to Joe Rogan’s suggestion that he should “shave that s**t off” during a previous podcast appearance showcases the genuine and unfiltered nature of their discussions.

Brendan Schaub adds a touch of humor by stating, “Just ’cause your hair’s gone, doesn’t mean you need to die.” This lighthearted moment illustrates the group’s ability to find humor in the face of aging-related concerns.

While the OG JRE FC crew is often criticized for the repetitive nature of their conversations and excesive plugging, this time they delivered a genuine moment that adds to the conversation.

While most people tend to overthink, carefully choosing their words or trying to stick to a script, Eddie Bravo remains true to himself, providing a refreshing authenticity to the conversation. Brendan Schaub contributed humorously, reminding everyone that hair loss doesn’t necessitate a change in attitude.

Ultimately, the podcast showcased the different ways people approach aging. Some find genuine happiness in the aging process, while others may try to bring others down to their level of discontent. The expressions on Joe Rogan, Eddie, and Brian’s faces revealed the unique journey each of them has embarked upon in dealing with their changing appearances as they grow older, making for a compelling and relatable discussion.

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