A Tiktoker is going viral for walking right into Wendy’s kitchen and prepping her sandwich

A Wendy’s customer recently gained viral attention on TikTok after taking matters into her own hands in the restaurant’s kitchen. The incident occurred when content creator Nazayah Perkins shared a TikTok video of herself going behind the scenes at a Wendy’s store to make her own chicken sandwich.

Expressing frustration with the restaurant’s slow service, Perkins captioned the video, “I took matters into my own hands since Wendy’s wanna take decades to make my food.” The video quickly garnered over 300,000 views, showcasing the customer’s lighthearted adventure.

In the footage, the amused customer placed her phone on a table and proceeded to demonstrate the steps involved in creating a chicken sandwich. Perkins revealed in a subsequent clip that it took the Wendy’s workers “30 to 45 minutes just to make some nuggets and some fries.” In her state of inebriation and hunger, she decided to venture into the kitchen and make her own meal.

Addressing critics who raised concerns about hygiene, particularly the lack of gloves, Perkins clarified that she only handled her own food and did not consume it either.

Nevertheless, some TikTok users expressed dismay over potential cross-contamination. One commenter remarked, “The fact that you did that is annoying. Cross-contamination is a hot mess.” Another criticized Perkins for touching everything bare-handed, even though she claimed to have handled only her own food.

Despite the mixed reactions, many TikTok users found humor in Perkins’ audacious act. One person jokingly commented, “She said ‘I’m going to help myself, don’t mind if I do.'” Another playfully suggested, “I just know this had to be a drunk night.” Some even referred to the incident as a “whole crime,” accompanied by crying laughing emojis.

@the0nlynaza I took matters into my own hands since Wendy’s wanna take decades to make my food ‍♀️ #fyp #wendys #viralvideo #latenighteats ♬ original sound – Nazayah Perkins

While opinions on the matter may differ, the viral TikTok video sparked a lively discussion among viewers.

In the end, the TikTok video featuring a Wendy’s customer venturing into the kitchen to make her own sandwich has caused quite a stir online. While some found amusement in the situation, others expressed concerns about hygiene and cross-contamination. This incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of food service work and often humorous nature of viral content, leaving viewers both entertained and engaged in the ongoing discussion.

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