Disturbing trend of ‘asmr’ content bottles breaking on staircases emerges on social media

An odd new trend has emerged on TikTok, captivating millions of viewers. The audiences are glued to the screen as they watch glass bottles filled with various items roll down stairs until they shatter. However, this viral sensation has also ignited controversy regarding food waste, safety hazards and cleanliness.

TikTokers are constantly seeking out the latest trends to explore and participate in. From dance challenges to popular filters, the possibilities seem endless on this social media platform. But many of these trends are problematic.

One recent trend that has taken TikTok by storm involves glass bottles filled with a range of contents, such as beer and orbeez, being rolled down a flight of stairs in anticipation of their ultimate fate—whether they will smash or remain intact.

It was TikTok user rachapotes who first shared a video of this nature, and it quickly garnered over 200 million views in just six days. In fact, rachapotes has amassed a staggering 21.1 million likes across their mere six videos.


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The primary objective of these videos is to witness glass bottles and jars, each filled with different substances, journey down the stairs and discover the outcome—whether they will break upon impact or survive the descent unscathed.

In the initial video, posted on June 27, the first bottle, filled with orbeez, meets its fate against the steps. As it collides with the second step, the bottle shatters into pieces. Subsequently, a bottle of champagne, a jar of olives, a bottle of beer, a jar of coleslaw, a bottle of cooking sauce, and a glass bottle of Coca-Cola undergo the same fate.

Viewers are captivated by this unique form of content, finding satisfaction in witnessing the bottles collide with the marble-like flooring.

One viewer expressed their delight, commenting, “Why do I love this so much?” Another individual concurred, stating, “This has no business being this entertaining.”

A third viewer shared their sentiment, writing, “Is it bad that I find this satisfying?”

@rachapotes #asmr #asmrtiktoks #asmrsounds ♬ som original – RachaPotes

Despite the widespread enjoyment of these videos, some individuals have raised concerns regarding the aftermath, particularly the cleaning process and the issue of wasted food.

One concerned viewer pondered, “I wonder how foul-smelling that staircase must be by now.”

Another viewer voiced their apprehension, stating, “All I can think about is the clean-up.”

A third individual acknowledged the entertainment value but expressed their unease, emphasizing, “While I understand the context and find it satisfying, it feels like a waste of food, beverages, and money to me.”

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