Comedian & Podcaster Brendan Schaub gets caught rubbing, sniffing own pee from his jeans

Brendan Schaub, a former professional mixed martial artist and current podcast host and analyst, has found himself at the center of controversy and criticism. While he has a considerable fan base, negative feedback and backlash from his peers and fans have been hard to ignore.

In a recent clip that resurfaced and went viral, Schaub was caught on camera touching a visible pee stain on his jeans and proceeding to rub it on his mouth. This odd act left many questioning his judgment and sanity. It’s a peculiar incident that stands out, especially for someone who is known for his involvement in the UFC and supposed comedic talent.

This incident has sparked debates and raised questions about Schaub’s behavior. Some even wonder if he was intentionally rubbing his hands contaminated with urine on his lips and then sniffing them. The video has drawn mixed reactions, with some finding it hilarious, while others see it as a low point in his career.



Moreover, Schaub’s unsanitary behavior is not isolated to this incident. He has faced previous criticism for leaving nicotine pouches scattered around his studio during podcast recordings. Additionally, there was another instance where he was caught licking and smelling a speck on his shoe. These actions have further added to the perception of Schaub as someone with a lack of proper hygiene practices.

Bapa will never run out of alternatives to a trash can for disposing his used nicotine pouches
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Even his co-host, Bryan Callen, distanced himself from Schaub when he noticed the extent of the pee stain on his jeans during their conversation about the incident. This suggests that Schaub’s behavior might have crossed a line that even his close associates find uncomfortable.

These controversies have revealed character flaws in Schaub and have led to a decrease in his reputation. Critics argue that his transition from the UFC to stand-up comedy has exposed aspects of his personality that are less than favorable. Fans and fellow comedians have expressed disappointment and concern over his questionable actions.

Notably, germaphobe Howie Mandel publicly called out Schaub for allegedly urinating in the sink at his studio. Mandel received warnings from fans on Twitter, cautioning him against using the sink due to Schaub’s admission of this behavior. Schaub responded by confirming the incident with a simple “Once.”

Howie brings up the pissing in the sink. Schlob says it was only one time
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As controversies continue to surround Brendan Schaub, it remains to be seen how he will address these criticisms and whether he can rebuild his reputation. These incidents have undoubtedly left a mark on his career and have sparked ongoing discussions within the MMA community and the comedy world.

Schaub’s career appears to be on a steady downward trajectory. While he was once a host of multiple budding podcasts, nowadays he’s a pop culture reference synonymous with questionable behavior.

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