When a Mother confronted and claimed back a bicycle thieves had stolen from her kid

Taking justice into your own hands can backfire spectacularly. Still that didn’t hinder this young mother from claiming back her property.

In a display of bravery and determination, a mother took matters into her own hands and confronted a group of thieves who had allegedly stolen a bike.

Hayley Tully, a mother-of-two, refused to accept the lack of action from the police and embarked on a mission to retrieve the stolen property.

The incident occurred in Formby, Merseyside, where Tully and her daughter set out in their car to track down the culprits. A video recorded by her daughter shows Tully spotting the bicycle being ridden by one of the thieves. Without hesitation, she swiftly approached the group and reclaimed the bike, leaving them stunned.

Tully shared the footage on social media, expressing her frustration with the lack of assistance from the police. She wrote, “Why is it okay just to sit back and let these lowlifes take your property? I’m not having it!” Her act of vigilante justice quickly gained attention and sparked a discussion about the police’s failures to address everyday crimes that affect ordinary people.


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Recent reports have revealed a significant decrease in the police’s ability to solve crimes, with charge rates dropping to a third of what they were in 2015. Furthermore, the time taken to respond to non-life-threatening incidents has increased, with some calls taking up to 18 hours for a response. Public confidence in the police force has been shaken by instances of institutional misogyny, racism, and homophobia.

The mother’s bold actions shed light on the issues of bike theft, which is a rampant problem across the World. London, in particular, has been severely affected, with an estimated 72,000 bikes stolen each year. Despite these alarming numbers, many victims feel let down by the police’s lack of attention to such crimes.

It’s becoming more and more common that a store will let a person steal and even pursue penalties against store clerks that make a fuss about it.

The video shared by Tully on TikTok garnered significant attention, with thousands of likes and comments praising her courage. However, the incident also highlights the growing dissatisfaction with the police’s performance and their inability to address the concerns of the public.

Restoring public trust in the police force requires a renewed commitment to the basics of policing, including prompt responses, thorough investigations, and keeping victims informed.

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