Comedian Tom Segura gets backlash after refering to his audience as ‘poors’

Comedian Tom Segura, known for his association with the Joe Rogan circle of friends, recently stirred controversy with remarks referring to his audience as ‘poors.’

Segura gained widespread recognition after participating in the viral Sober October challenges alongside Joe Rogan, Bert Kreisher, and Ari Shaffir. However, what many may not realize is that Segura’s relationship with his fanbase has been fraught with tension.

Previously, Segura faced criticism for appearing disconnected from his blue-collar fanbase. In a candid speech, he unapologetically labeled those tired of his focus on material possessions as “losers.”


In a tweet from December 2022, he posted, “Don’t be a loser…” accompanied by a video.

The comedian’s stance was further solidified on his podcast, where he addressed the issues of jealousy and envy. Segura asserted, “Your situation and feelings are in your control. Don’t blame me if you feel bad because I have something you don’t. Figure it out. Don’t make your problems my problems. You can’t control what people talk about. They will discuss things you don’t have for the rest of your life.”

He continued, “If you’re still upset about this, know that your mindset is holding you back. You can change your thinking, but right now, you’re thinking like a loser. But you don’t have to. Shift your mindset and leave bitterness, pettiness, and insecurity behind.”

This wasn’t an isolated incident. Recently, Segura embarked on a similar rant on Twitter, sparking controversy.

In another clip, part of his stand-up comedy set, Segura delved into how power and economic status can influence people. He humorously narrated his experiences flying in coach and occasionally getting bumped up to first class. In doing so, he used derogatory language, referring to fellow passengers as “poor pieces of s*it.”

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Segura’s fans were surprised to learn of his privileged background, akin to many of his comedian friends. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1979, he comes from a well-off family. His father held a high-ranking position as the First Vice President of Merrill Lynch.

Faced with a severe backlash for his comments, Segura attempted to backtrack, though some viewed it as insincere. He posted a message on an image, stating, “Lesson learned: To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness. I want you to know I forgive the gate agent that behaved like a child in order to feel like a boss, and I hope the next passenger does too. ❤️”

Segura’s controversial statements have undoubtedly sparked a heated debate within his fanbase and the wider comedy community, raising questions about boundary between provocation and humor as well as the importance of respecting your fanbase.


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