Cristiano Ronaldo praises Jordan Peterson’s influence on His Life

Cristiano Ronaldo recently opened up about his admiration for the controversial figure, Jordan Peterson.

During an interview with Piers Morgan, football superstar revealed what a tremendous influence on him Peterson has been. This revelation sheds light on the unexpected friendship between the athlete and the intellectual dark web icon.

Jordan Peterson gained widespread recognition through his association with Joe Rogan and the intellectual dark web, a group known for its influential online presence. However, Peterson has faced significant challenges lately, as Canada has questioned his viewpoints, leading to his requirement to attend re-education classes before returning to his private practice.

Despite the controversy surrounding Peterson, Cristiano Ronaldo has expressed deep respect for him. During his interview with Piers Morgan, Ronaldo shared insights into his friendship with Peterson:

Morgan: “What about Jordan Peterson, who I know came to see you?”

Ronaldo: “I felt that he’s a really, really interesting guy. And I love to meet smart people; he’s a fantastic man. I learned a lot, some advice that he gave me, not only for this moment.”

Ronaldo went on to explain the profound impact of their conversations, emphasizing that they extended beyond the realm of football. Ronaldo, who identifies himself as a businessman with various important aspects to his life, appreciated Peterson’s ability to think “outside the box.”

Ronaldo continued: “And we had a nice conversation, a strategic conversation, not only for the moment but for the future as well. He gave me some points that I never expected.”

The interview with Piers Morgan touched on the possibility of Ronaldo writing a book akin to Peterson’s ’12 Rules.’ Ronaldo expressed his interest in educating not only his family but also his millions of fans. He sees himself in the future as a source of advice on professionalism, longevity, and winning.

“We had a nice strategic conversation, not only for the moment of my life, I mean, not only for football, because my life is not
reserved only for football. I’m a businessman. I have many important things on my life. And when you are surrounded with these people, with you as well, people that make your life more interesting, they reach something in your daily life, I appreciate because it’s that kind of people that’s thinking outside the box, which is I appreciate.”

“And we had a nice conversation, strategic conversation, not only for the moment, but for the future as well. He gave me some points that I never expect.”

Ronaldo acknowledged the importance of resilience and mental strength in his career, qualities he believes are vital to success. He aspires to inspire others, particularly young people, and serve as a role model for those seeking guidance in life and sports.

While Cristiano Ronaldo and Jordan Peterson may come from different worlds, their shared appreciation for unconventional thinking and personal growth has forged an unexpected connection between the football legend and the controversial intellectual. Ronaldo’s willingness to embrace wisdom from various sources, including Peterson, showcases his commitment to self-improvement and his desire to impart valuable lessons to others.


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