Cristiano Ronaldo praises Jordan Peterson’s influence on His Life

Cristiano Ronaldo recently opened up about his admiration for the controversial figure, Jordan Peterson. During an interview with Piers Morgan, football superstar revealed what a tremendous influence on him Peterson has been. This revelation sheds light on the unexpected friendship between the athlete and the intellectual dark web icon. Jordan Peterson gained widespread recognition through … Read more

Secret Invasion’s Skrulls and a case of advertising that seriously missed the mark

In a new media landscape dominated by digital platforms and social networks, traditional advertising strategies often struggle to capture the attention of audiences. However, a recent promotional stunt involving Skrulls, the green aliens from Marvel’s ‘Secret Invasion,’ has completely missed the mark. Social media users have taken notice of the Skrulls making appearances in the … Read more

Exploring Hidden Gems: Underrated TV Series to Watch during the Writer’s strike

In the ever-expanding world of television, it can be challenging to discover hidden gems that captivate and entertain. With the current writer’s strike creating a unique environment, it’s the perfect time to explore lesser-known series that have gone unnoticed amidst the streaming revolution. Here are some remarkable shows that deserve your attention. Slow Horses   … Read more