Exploring Hidden Gems: Underrated TV Series to Watch during the Writer’s strike

In the ever-expanding world of television, it can be challenging to discover hidden gems that captivate and entertain. With the current writer’s strike creating a unique environment, it’s the perfect time to explore lesser-known series that have gone unnoticed amidst the streaming revolution. Here are some remarkable shows that deserve your attention.

Slow Horses


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This spy drama, starring the talented Gary Oldman, is based on a series of novels and offers excellent production value. With two seasons already aired and a third and fourth on the way, Slow Horses follows the story of Jackson Lamb, a devious and sharp but unhygienic veteran leading a group of agents in purgatory. With its exceptional writing, this Apple TV+ series is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Halt and Catch Fire

Don’t let the name or the slightly off-putting pilot episode deter you from experiencing this captivating series. Starting from Season 2, Halt and Catch Fire delves into the lives of four driven characters and explores different eras in information technology. Touching upon significant moments in IT history, this prestige TV series, available on AMC plus, strikes a perfect balance between quality and relatability.


State of Play (2003 miniseries)

This six-episode BBC miniseries, although aired in 2003, remains timeless. Embarking on a thrilling journey through a government conspiracy, a team of journalists uncovers secrets that shake their world. Starring James McAvoy in a career-making performance, alongside notable actors like David Morrissey, Kelly Macdonald, and Bill Nighy, State of Play is a gripping tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Chair


If you’re in the mood for something lighter, The Chair offers a delightful change of pace. Following Sandra Oh’s character through the ups and downs of a failing English department at a major university, this Netflix series combines humor and relatable moments. Although Netflix canceled the show, it’s still worth watching for its unique and memorable storytelling.

The Disappearance

For fans of crime dramas, The Disappearance presents an intriguing case to unravel. This French TV series, which originally aired in 2015, follows the investigation into the disappearance of a teenager in Lyon. While it may not be as intense as other entries, its storytelling and characters make it a captivating watch.

The Diplomat

Bringing a lighthearted touch to the small screen, The Diplomat follows the adventures of an occupational diplomat navigating both her professional and personal life. Starring the talented Keri Russell, this series is a binge-worthy treat that strikes a perfect balance between entertainment and substance. With the renewal for a second season, there’s more to enjoy in this delightful Netflix offering.

As you venture into the world of underrated TV series, these hidden gems are waiting to be discovered. Each show brings its own unique charm and storytelling prowess, offering an escape from the usual streaming fare. Expand your horizons and give these series a chance—they might just become your new favorites.

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