Joe Rogan and Theo Von accidentally shade Chris D’Elia for his proclivities

The Chris D’Elia scandal has sent shockwaves through the podcasting world, tarnishing the career of a once-prominent comedian. As the popularity of podcasts soared, thanks in part to trailblazers like Joe Rogan, it inadvertently gave rise to controversial figures such as Chris D’Elia.

However, recent allegations and the way D’Elia handled his interactions with fans have led to a significant downfall in his standing within the entertainment industry. Furthermore, the fact that he was inauthentic in his comeback seems to have lost him quite a few members of the previously loyal fanbase.

In a recent episode of Joe Rogan’s podcast, where he hosted fellow comedian Theo Von, the conversation covered a wide range of topics, with a particular focus on the world of stand-up comedy. The discussion veered into the sensitive subject of age differences in relationships, and Rogan provided his perspective on the matter.

Rogan remarked, “The age difference between two people can be perceived differently depending on various factors. When you’re 18 and just graduated, and your girlfriend is 17, it may be considered normal. But when you’re 19 and she’s 17, people start to question it. That extra year makes a significant difference. And if you’re 20 and she’s 17, well, it can raise eyebrows even in places where it’s legally acceptable.”

Theo Von, not one to shy away from controversy, interjected, “If you’re 35 and she’s 17, being a comedian might no longer be an option for you.”

This exchange alluded directly to Chris D’Elia, who faced allegations related to inappropriate behavior over a period of several years, particularly in the past five to ten years. The age disparity in relationships has become a contentious topic, especially in the wake of cults and fringe movements, as it raises concerns about the mental maturity and power dynamics within such relationships.

The issue of age differences in relationships gained traction on platforms like the infamous subreddit R/relationships. While some posts were genuine, many became creative writing exercises, blurring the line between reality and fiction. Twitter became a hotbed of discussions surrounding these scenarios, often with a strong focus on the age gaps between individuals involved.

To those unfamiliar with the podcasting landscape, these references may seem naive. However, it is worth noting that Theo Von had previously hinted at his awareness of D’Elia’s behavior before any public accusations emerged. In fact, he and fellow comedian Andrew Santino had engaged in banter about dating girls who had recently turned 18, shedding light on the underlying context of their conversation.

While D’Elia’s chances of a Hollywood comeback are dashed. His situation presents a hilarious unintentional comedy.


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