The story of two biopics: Comedian Bert Kreischer once inspired an entire generation with Van Wilder – but now he can’t even relate to his own audience

Bert Kreischer, known for his hilarious anecdotes and larger-than-life personality, has recently released his comedy film, “The Machine.” As a prominent figure within Joe Rogan’s circle of comedians, Kreischer has garnered a significant following over the years.

However, despite high expectations, “The Machine” seems to be struggling to find its footing at the box office, with movie theaters failing to attract substantial audiences, even after extensive promotion during UFC events.


screenshot of UFC broadcast during Mackenzie Dern vs Angela Hill main event
screenshot of UFC broadcast during Mackenzie Dern vs Angela Hill main event

The Rise and Cult Classic Inspiration

Kreischer’s journey in the entertainment industry started with his cult classic inspiration, “Van Wilder.” Sharing similarities with the film’s protagonist, Kreischer attended a party-centric school and found himself repeating his senior year multiple times. Interestingly, the character of Van Wilder was loosely inspired by a Rolling Stone article profiling Kreischer, adding an autobiographical touch to the college comedy.

The Downfall of a Comedy Icon

While Kreischer’s wild and humorous storytelling initially captivated audiences, certain aspects of his persona have gradually alienated his fan base. One notable factor is his excessive drinking, which was once a core element of his comedic brand. However, as Kreischer ages, his rampant drinking problem has become less amusing and increasingly unappealing to mainstream audiences.


I don’t understand how you think these guys are out of touch? Who doesn’t want to hear millionaires and their friends talk about partying on private jets. It’s very relatable
by u/Logical_Scientist221 in yourmomshousepodcast

Furthermore, the success of his various podcasts has contributed to a growing sense of disconnect between Kreischer and his audience. In an attempt to maintain relevance, Kreischer’s behavior has veered into dishonesty, insincerity, and staleness, resulting in a gradual loss of trust from his followers. The constant exposure through social media has only exacerbated this issue, further highlighting his misgivings and annoying tendencies.

The Inflated Ego and Audience Backlash

Perhaps the most glaring flaw in Kreischer’s persona is his inflated ego. From being the lovable, albeit foolish, drunkard, he has transitioned into a self-proclaimed superior comedian who considers himself above others.

This arrogance has led to a strained relationship with his audience, who no longer perceive him as relatable or down-to-earth. Many viewers have expressed their frustration with Kreischer’s millionaire lifestyle and his friends’ discussions about partying on private jets, which they perceive as out of touch.

The Controversy Surrounding “The Machine”

“The Machine,” based on a story Kreischer has shared extensively in podcasts and stand-up shows, revolves around his alleged involvement with the Russian mafia. According to the narrative, during a high school trip to Russia, Kreischer encountered Russian gangsters and unintentionally earned the nickname “the machine” while entertaining them as a court jester. The story escalates as he befriends the criminals and gets introduced to rival gangs.

However, the line between truth and embellishment becomes blurred when it comes to Kreischer’s storytelling. While some aspects of the story appear to have a basis in reality, Kreischer’s penchant for exaggeration makes it challenging to discern fact from fiction. His insistence that these stories are entirely true, even swearing on his children, raises doubts among his audience.

The Battle with drinking

Despite clear signs of alcohol dependency and concerns about his well-being, Kreischer remains in denial about his drinking problem. Approaching the age of 50, it becomes crucial to question when excessive drinking transitions from being amusing to becoming a serious issue. Kreischer’s resistance to acknowledging his alcoholism highlights the depth of his denial.

The Reception of “The Machine”

Regrettably, “The Machine” has struggled to resonate with audiences. The film’s underwhelming performance at the box office, with an opening of only $5,000,000 and a projected gross of $8,900,000, indicates a significant gap between expectations and reality. With a budget of $20,000,000, the movie still has a long way to go before it can turn a profit.

Bert Kreischer’s career trajectory, from a beloved comedy icon to a controversial figure, serves as a cautionary tale in the entertainment industry. While his comedic talents and storytelling skills once captured the hearts of many, the (lack of) evolution of his persona and the impact of his lifestyle choices have resulted in a divided audience.

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