Joe Rogan has always claimed he doesn’t do midroll ads – despite continually inserting undisclosed ads

Since its inception, Joe Rogan Experience has undergone a notable transformation, marked by a shift in tone and approach. While early episodes displayed Rogan’s left leaning politics and fascination with conspiracies, the podcast has evolved over time.

However, one aspect that has remained constant is Rogan’s skillful interviewing technique and ability to articulate his thoughts clearly.

In its early days, Joe Rogan Experience was known for its live and unscripted nature. This lent a sense of authenticity rarely seen in media, even with lesser-known guests.

Rogan’s talent for conducting interviews without interrupting his guests or being interrupted himself has always been commendable. His media background, which includes hosting the reality series Fear Factor, likely contributed to his polished communication skills.

Throughout the podcast’s evolution, Rogan has subtly integrated ads into his content, often without explicitly disclosing them. Undisclosed ads have proven to be more effective than their disclosed counterparts. However, this practice can undermine fair competition in the marketplace.

Failure to disclose promotional content gives advertisers an unfair advantage over competitors who adhere to advertising regulations and clearly identify their ads. This imbalance distorts the market, negatively impacting consumers and legitimate businesses.

It’s especially comedic to see BBC documentarian Louis Theroux call out Rogan on his undisclosed ad during their episode.

While Rogan’s podcast content has evolved, his approach to undisclosed ads remains consistent. He has recommended a variety of products over the years, some of which raise eyebrows. And he’s done all that while repeatedly insisting he doesn’t do midroll ads.

Recently, Rogan suggested a guest try Jawzrsize, a fitness product designed to exercise and strengthen the muscles in the jaw, face, and neck. Claims associated with Jawzrsize include enhanced jawline definition, reduced double chin, improved facial symmetry, and toned facial muscles. However, numerous negative reviews on the Jawzrsize Amazon page question the product’s effectiveness and quality.


In line with the common trend among podcasters, Rogan has ventured into the mattress endorsement arena, specifically promoting Eight Sleep. The flagship product offered by Eight Sleep is the Pod Pro, a smart mattress that combines comfort with advanced sleep technology.

Boasting features such as temperature control, biometric tracking, and smart integrations, the Pod Pro aims to deliver a personalized and rejuvenating sleep experience. However, skepticism arises when considering the potential counterproductivity of tracking extensive sleep data and the uncertainty surrounding the scientific efficacy of such features.


Joe Rogan doesn’t do ads mid-podcast.
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