Joe Rogan preached about pitfalls of 9 to 5 for a decade and now he’s pissed people don’t want to quit remote work

Joe Rogan is known for his thought-provoking discussions and controversial viewpoints. He has expressed varying opinions about 9-to-5 jobs and remote work, causing some speculation about his political stance.

In the past, Rogan criticized the traditional nine-to-five routine, highlighting its limitations and impact on people’s lives. He emphasized the importance of identifying personal priorities and pursuing passions for a fulfilling life.

He questioned the standard 40-hour workweek and advocated for a more flexible and rewarding approach to work.

“What truly matters to you? What’s important in your limited time? You only have 24 hours in a day. So find out what truly matters and prioritize it. Also, figure out how to make enough money to sustain yourself.”

“The expectations to adhere to a set number of sick days are ridiculous. We should have the freedom to explore the world and engage in other activities. A 40-hour workweek is nonsense. Nobody should be confined to it.”

However, as Rogan gained popularity and financial success, his perspective on the subject shifted.

In a recent conversation with comedian Tom Segura, they discussed the commercial real estate crisis caused by people’s reluctance to return to office spaces and their preference for remote work. Rogan, seemingly frustrated, made remarks about individuals wanting to work from home in their comfort and engage in leisure activities instead of being in the office.

Tom explains how workers refusing to return to the office is causing commercial real estate to crash. Joe calls out dipshit communist comedian who wants to turn the empty commercial real estate into housing for the homeless.
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“They want to work remotely in their pajamas and j**k off,” Rogan commented on the commercial real estate crisis.

“People are saying, ‘No, I want to work from home.'” Rogan acknowledged the workforce’s reluctance to go back to the office. “I read some comedian on Twitter suggesting that these spaces should be turned into housing for homeless people. What a dumb idea.”


It’s important to note that Segura had previously faced criticism for being disconnected from his blue-collar fanbase. He delivered a harsh speech referring to fans tired of his focus on material possessions as “losers.”

“Your situation and feelings are in your control. Don’t blame me if you feel bad because I have something you don’t. Figure it out. Don’t make your problems my problems. You can’t control what people talk about. They will discuss things you don’t have for the rest of your life,” the renowned comedian expressed on his podcast, addressing jealousy and envy.

He further added, “If you’re still upset about this, know that your mindset is holding you back. You can change your thinking, but right now, you’re thinking like a loser. But you don’t have to. Shift your mindset and leave bitterness, pettiness, and insecurity behind.”

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