A couple went viral after deciding payback is the best route and set off fireworks at 7AM

A TikTok video has taken the internet by storm, featuring a couple who decided to seek revenge against their neighbors who kept them up late at night. In a short but impactful clip, the couple sets off fireworks at 7 am, capturing the attention and support of TikTok users worldwide.

The 4th of July is a significant occasion in the United States, commemorating the country’s Declaration of Independence. Fireworks displays are a common way to celebrate this day, with many people enjoying the spectacle outdoors. However, when the festivities extend into the late hours of the night, it can be a nuisance for neighboring households.

In response to their sleepless night, this couple took matters into their own hands. The TikTok user “Little Monsters” shared a video of themselves setting off fireworks in the morning of July 4th, accompanied by a caption that humorously questioned their neighbors’ hangover status.

The video showcases the couple relaxing in their pool while fireworks light up the sky. The text overlaid on the video reads, “When your drunk neighbors set off fireworks until 1 a.m. last night, so you decide to set off your own at 7 a.m.” Their mischievous grins and the incessant barking of their dogs add to the amusement of the situation.

TikTok users rallied behind the couple, expressing understanding and support for their retaliatory act. Many could relate to the frustration of noisy neighbors and applauded the couple’s creative response. Suggestions poured in, with one user recommending the use of portable Bose speakers for added tunes, while another shared their own experience of neighbors blasting pool surround sound late into the night.


One TikTok user shared their method of revenge, which involves letting their dog out early in the morning. Meanwhile, another person jokingly suggested playing the national anthem, specifically Jimi Hendrix’s iconic rendition, accompanied by their dogs, at 4 a.m.

The viral video serves as a lighthearted reminder of the challenges faced by neighbors when celebrations extend into the late hours. While some may opt for a direct confrontation, this couple chose a playful approach that resonated with TikTok users worldwide.

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