Sleeping stream backfires once streamer’s pet defecates in his bed

Sleep live streaming is one of those things you would never believe are real, unless you saw it. But it’s apparently pretty lucrative as long as you have a fan base. One of twitch’s biggest streamers recently revealed that a sleep stream will make her up to $20,000 a night.

In the world of Twitch streaming, unexpected moments can make for unforgettable experiences. Finnish Twitch streamer, MikkisTTV, recently encountered a surprising and hilarious incident during his sleep live stream, courtesy of his furry companion. The incident involved his dog, who had previously been spotted pooping on the bed a few hours earlier.

Sleep live streaming has gained popularity among Twitch users, and who wouldn’t want to make money while they’re literally asleep.

During MikkisTTV’s sleep live stream, his dog took center stage when it decided to leave a rather unwanted surprise on the bed. While Mikkis was peacefully asleep, viewers witnessed the dog climbing onto the bed and assuming a squatting position to do its business.

Upon awakening, Mikkis groggily shifted under the duvet, unaware of the unexpected turn of events. Viewers anxiously waited to see if he would notice the unwelcome present on the bed and duvet. As he appeared to be drifting back to sleep, he inadvertently placed his hand on the excrement, causing a moment of disbelief and confusion.

Still half-asleep, Mikkis attempted to examine his hand in the dimly lit room before directing his attention to the soiled duvet. Realization dawned upon him, prompting a swift and disgusted reaction as he hastily rose from the bed.

MikkisTTV, a 27-year-old streamer hailing from Kaajani, Finland, according to his Twitch profile, has a keen interest in games such as Teamfight Tactics. This unexpected encounter with his mischievous dog added a humorous twist to his streaming journey.

Interestingly, this is not the first time that a dog has made an unforgettable appearance on a live stream. In a similar incident back in 2019, Twitch streamer ‘Breehzee’ found himself taken aback when he turned around during a live stream and discovered his dog urinating on his bedsheets.

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