That time Brendan Schaub tried to justify manslaughter because he had an appointment with the killer

Public figures often face heightened scrutiny due to the wide reach of their influence. Every aspect of their lives can come under intense scrutiny, leading to public reactions that can either make or break their careers.

In the realm of podcasting, where conversational content has gained popularity, former UFC star turned comedian Brendan ‘Big Brown’ Schaub finds himself at the center of controversy. Schaub’s rise to fame, thanks in part to his association with Joe Rogan, has garnered him both opportunities and criticism.


However, a recent podcast clip has resurfaced, raising questions about his judgment and self-awareness.


In the resurfaced podcast clip, Schaub defends a tattoo artist who had recently been arrested for manslaughter. The clip, which lacks sensitivity and self-awareness, has drawn criticism from listeners and the online community alike. Schaub can be heard discussing the situation with his co-host, seemingly making light of the seriousness of the charges.

His comments include references to getting a tattoo with the artist and dismissive remarks about the incident.

“Today at 3PM I was gonna get the rattlesnake logo on my quad… and then you’re not though because your tattoo artist is gonna be indicted for murder. And I text him, “Hey man, guess we’re not on for 3PM”.

“If you go to his Instagram, then the last f**king guy you had a tattoo with. ”

“But regardless you was drinking, drinking with fellow YouTuber and they ran into a tree bark. I know he broke his hip.”

Amidst a growing trend of vapid behavior in the entertainment industry, Schaub’s comments in the podcast clip seem to take it a step further, displaying a complete lack of self-awareness.

The clip reveals his casual and seemingly indifferent attitude towards the situation, which involves a serious crime. Such remarks raise concerns about the responsibility of public figures and the influence they wield over their audience.


During the podcast discussion, Schaub questions the circumstances surrounding the incident, suggesting that both parties involved willingly entered a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. He ponders hypothetical scenarios, suggesting that the victim may have willingly gotten into the car despite the shared intoxication.

While speculation is natural, the insensitivity and casual nature of Schaub’s remarks have sparked outrage and criticism.

The resurfacing of this controversial clip has led to a public backlash against Brendan Schaub. The incident has put a dent in his podcasting career, raising questions about the sustainability of his content and the public’s tolerance for low-effort material.

Whether the decline in popularity stems from a growing aversion to such content or a reflection of Schaub’s own infamy remains to be seen. It serves as a reminder that public figures must be mindful of their words and actions, as they have the power to shape public opinion and impact their own careers.


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