This man set a World record for most pine boards broken with your groin in baffling video

The Guinness World Records is known for recognizing extraordinary achievements across various fields, from sports to entertainment. While some record categories are truly awe-inspiring, others leave people baffled.

One such category is the “Most pine boards broken between the legs from a single jump,” and it has a singular record holder: Zac Gordon, also known as “The Horse.”

Zac Gordon, a familiar face from television shows like “America’s Got Talent” and “Go-Big Show,” broke this peculiar record sometime last year but keeps going viral on social media. His impressive feat took place during the Lo Show Dei Record 2023 event in Italy, where he climbed to a high platform, poised above a stack of 10 pine boards.

Without any protective gear, Gordon fearlessly jumped down, aiming to break the boards using his crotch. In a remarkable display of strength and precision, he shattered a total of 8 pine boards, setting the record for the most boards broken between the legs in a single jump.

Fortunately, Gordon emerged from the stunt without sustaining any significant injuries. After landing on a pile of pillows, he quickly stood back up, unharmed by his astonishing feat.

While Gordon’s performance garnered attention, it left many onlookers less than impressed. Some skeptics questioned the motivations behind pursuing such unconventional records, with comments suggesting that people are simply desperate to have their names immortalized in the Guinness World Records book.

Critics also raised concerns about the physical toll of such endeavors. Many expressed disbelief and a sense that this type of record is not a healthy pursuit.



The Guinness World Records organization has always been open to unique record proposals, and the publicity that comes with it. Although some might find it bizarre or even questionable, it serves as a reminder that there are individuals willing to push the boundaries of what is considered possible.

While Zac Gordon’s accomplishment may not resonate with everyone, it certainly is reminiscent of those old time kung fu masters who would do various demonstrations hoping to lure more students. While their motivation is clear, Gordon only claimed bragging rights with this unique stunt.

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