Five Unconventional documentaries you should watch

Documentaries have come a long way in capturing our attention and delivering captivating narratives that rival even fictional tales. Over the past decade, we have witnessed remarkable documentaries that delve into surreal and mind-bending stories. Each documentary offers a unique perspective and engages viewers in an unforgettable journey. Tabloid (2010) Directed by Errol Morris, “Tabloid” … Read more

Exploring Hidden Gems: Underrated TV Series to Watch during the Writer’s strike

In the ever-expanding world of television, it can be challenging to discover hidden gems that captivate and entertain. With the current writer’s strike creating a unique environment, it’s the perfect time to explore lesser-known series that have gone unnoticed amidst the streaming revolution. Here are some remarkable shows that deserve your attention. Slow Horses   … Read more

The story of two biopics: Comedian Bert Kreischer once inspired an entire generation with Van Wilder – but now he can’t even relate to his own audience

Bert Kreischer, known for his hilarious anecdotes and larger-than-life personality, has recently released his comedy film, “The Machine.” As a prominent figure within Joe Rogan’s circle of comedians, Kreischer has garnered a significant following over the years. However, despite high expectations, “The Machine” seems to be struggling to find its footing at the box office, … Read more