The man who tried exposing Brendan Schaub – and ended up blowing up his own life

In the realm of the internet, personalities rise and fall, and one figure who has garnered considerable attention is Brendan Schaub. Known for his polarizing presence, Schaub’s journey took an unexpected turn when he hired Mark Harley as his social media manager. This decision set in motion a series of events that would captivate online communities and bring forth a range of controversies.

Mark Harley, an avid bodybuilder with a physique that suggests an affinity for PEDs, became a subject of discussion among fans when he first appeared on the Schaub channel. Observing his muscular build and distinctive appearance, the community playfully dubbed him “Big Gay Lion” or BGL for short.

As tensions escalated, Harley emerged as one of Schaub’s most vocal defenders in a highly publicized feud with premier MMA journalist, Ariel Helwani. Helwani even took a jab at Harley, likening him to the character Moufasa from the popular film “The Lion King.”

Mark Harley posts a selfie to prove his identity on TFATK subreddit
Mark Harley posts a selfie to prove his identity on TFATK subreddit

Harley’s association with Schaub came with promises of a podcast on Schaub’s new “network,” which essentially amounted to a YouTube channel. However, speculation arose within online circles, suggesting that Schaub artificially inflated his network’s numbers by purchasing fans, subsequently impacting the analytics. Schaub’s departure from the podcasts produced on Showtime’s YouTube channel coincided with a decline in his statistics.


In January of 2023, Harley was abruptly fired from the podcast, leading to a business dispute with Schaub. In response, Harley began publicly leaking details about Schaub’s alleged misconduct, claiming that Schaub still owed him approximately $15,000.


During this time, Harley attempted to align himself with the TFATK subreddit, once a fan club but now a platform where Schaub and his associates are often subjected to ridicule. Initially dismissing Harley’s presence on the subreddit, Schaub soon faced a barrage of revelations.


The leaked information included text exchanges, which were subsequently confirmed as authentic through podcast appearances.


Harley further exposed Schaub for his alleged infidelity, adding fuel to the fire.

Marg addresses wrangling the baddies.
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Meanwhile, as the community eagerly awaited more tantalizing details, Harley’s personal life began to unravel. While still married, Harley faced accusations of abuse from his wife, who even shared a video depicting him physically lifting her car in an attempt to prevent her from driving away.

to stop his wife from leaving him by deadlifting the car
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This personal crisis prompted Harley to step back from the public eye and address his personal issues. In the meantime, Brendan Schaub found himself grappling with diminishing analytics and the struggle to sustain his career as a comedian.

The saga surrounding Brendan Schaub, Mark Harley, and the subsequent fallout is a testament to the unpredictable nature of online fame. It serves as a reminder that fame can be fleeting, and the choices one makes can have profound consequences on both personal and professional fronts. As the story continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how these individuals will navigate the challenges and reshape their paths in the ever-evolving landscape of the internet.


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